Monday, May 13, 2013

Serious Blog or FUN Blog? FUN!!!

I'm so busy going in so many directions and SO GLAD not all of them are negative or stressful!  I've decided to blog about some of the good stuff  - I have so many more blessings than curses in my life, might as well dwell on the blessings!!!

Jen & Me - so happy together!

One big blessing was being able to "get away" for a week (4/23 to 4/29) to Hampton and Virginia Beach, VA.  The first stop was Hampton - a 3 day decompress/visit with dear friend, Jen Judd.  Arrived Tuesday evening. . .camped on her couch, was some much needed peace and quite (since she had to work days).  We went shopping, ate out, went to a d i y ceramic studio, watched t.v., got haircuts, yakked, yakked, laughed, laughed.  She has some wonderful friends, both military and civilian (J.J. is a Lt. Col. in the Air Force).  I even spent one day digging in her beads and making some jewelry.  Yeah, really!  She does have some gorgeous beads!!!

Friday morning (early) we loaded up TWO cars and headed to Art & Soul, Virginia Beach, for classes Friday, Friday night, Saturday, and Sunday.  Saturday night was reserved for Vendor night and party night.  I still haven't unpacked most of the supplies and tools brought (and bought).  Just the suitcase and food so far. . .Really!  It's just 3+ weeks and the cart of beads is still loaded in the hallway!!!

 Friday's class was with Suzanne McNeill, Zentangle 102.  This is the third class over the past 2 years that I've taken from Suzanne.  She has such a delightful personality and teaches wonderfully fun classes - and it was the perfect Zen way to start the weekend!  The class was full and everyone had a great time.  I've been working on the watercolor pencil techniques she introduced us to since I've been home.

4 of 5 projects from Zentangle 102
3 of 5 of my projects and Zany Zentangler, Suzanne McNeill, in her beautiful Zentangled chef's hat and apron!

Cuff n' Stuff
Friday night was an interesting 3 hour class with Maria Rios.  Cuff n' Stuff.  Jen and I took this class together.  Finally used one of my many collected cookie tins for the metal in a cuff bracelet.  Some awesome techniques. We learned to cut, distress and decorate the tin.  "Letting go" of the original paint and design on the tin was a challenge and required quite a physical effort!  She also had some neat ephemera to share and add to our creations.  My creative juices are still mulling all this info around.

 Sat. & Sun. classes with Kim St. Jean 
Saturday's Form Folding Class - Kim St. Jean
Sunday's Now What? class

Sunday w/ Cindy, Kim, Me & Jo

Saturday and Sunday were highlight classes for me.  Fold Form Exploration (Sat.) and jewelry design Now What? (Sun.) with Kim St. Jean!  Two fabulous days of hammers and copper and creating along side of one of my very favorite instructors and metal smiths.  Hammer heaven!  I've also had classes with Kim before at BeadFest Philly and knew in advance I would learn some fabulous metal working tips and techniques and have a great time!  This was Kim's maiden voyage as teacher at Art & Soul and the classes I took were rather small (specially for a teacher of her experience and caliber).  Saturday's class was almost full but Sunday it was just Kim and two other students (friends Jo Morrison and Cindy Lyles).  As you can see, we had wonderful successes.  The small class was a real blessing to me! I wore my necklace everywhere for a week!!!  I bet her classes are slammed next year!

I must mention Vendor Night.  Another highlight.  There were so many wonderful artists, some terrific collector/vendors of "found objects," fiber artists (Sandra Koterba ), jewelry artists (Cheryl Straight was just one of many), mixed media artists (Stephanie Rubiano - again, one of many) and many, many more (45 or so). 

After class Sunday, Jen and I packed up and headed back to her place.  Exhausted yet full of wonderful memories.  We have so many friends that get together there including a small group of arty women that have been getting together there each year for several years.  Our "group" was a little smaller this year. . .you know. . .economics, health issues, travel issues. Those that didn't come were so missed!  But the ones that did make it - there's just nothing like the sharing of laughter, fun, food, wine, and art.

From middle back in pink to the right: Patti Parish, Jen Judd, Laura Twiford, Bette Brody, Ann Savage, and me.  Don't know the names of the girls to our left - but they were wonderful partners in art for the weekend.

I didn't really tell all about this arty escape . . .Some of what happens at Art & Soul, stays at Art & Soul.  And in my heart. . .

Thanks Glenny (and Marie) for all your hard work organizing this year's Art & Soul (facebook page)!  Thanks Judy and Liz for the fabulous on site art, fiber, and object supply store (Artistic Artifacts)!

Nothing like the beach and arty friends - better than Calgon, much better!!!


  1. Sounds like you had a fabulous time! Thanks for sharing!

    1. You would have LOVED it! It was awesome - but so is artBLISS. I'm uncertain if I'll make it this year. . .makes me sad! But I know the friendships don't go away!

  2. Carol, thanks for sharing your pictures and memories. I, too, love Kim. Took classes from her at Beadfest Santa Fe a few years back..I've missed you lately and now I know what you've been up to:O)

    1. I've been "up to" my neck in stuff!!! I've missed the social aspect of FB, etc., but am looking forward - not behind!!! Thanks for stopping by!!!


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