Thursday, June 18, 2015

Beads and Zentangle! Happy Mix!

Keith O'Connor Trunk Show!

How awesome is this?  Not only a quick visit from Keith as he travels to and fro with his Spring Trunk Show but he is going to unload the show HERE in Frederick, MD, just for you and me! Yesterday he was in New York, today in Virginia (Off the Beading Path, Occoquan, VA) and tomorrow at my house!  MY HOUSE!  Friday, 6/19, 2-7 P.M., I'm going to have an exclusive bead show at my house!  Come See!

Some of my Zentangle necklaces mixing it up with some O'Connor beads!  Highlighted beads are Keith's!

Jewelry designs from Lorelei Eurto using Keith's beads along with other well known bead makers.  Keith's are in each one of these photos!

 More photos after the fact!  Let me know on Facebook if you'd like to come!

Carol Dee, CZT
Carol DeeZigns

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Our Tangled Lives - update on House for sale and tangles!

We proudly listed our clean, orderly, freshly painted, staged home in Maryland 3 weeks ago.  It has been shown 7 times so far and we had a very well attended open house last Sunday.  Waiting for the offer that will set us free!  

So much "fun life" has been neglected during the past months.  We listed two weeks before the following prompt was due for a "secret" FaceBook art journal group that I am part of. . .just enough time to gather my thoughts on paper.  I had gotten the inspiration for the prompt. . .

Well, I'll let the prompt speak for itself:

Yoga for your Brain Tangle Cards
Sandy Steen Bartholomew
Annie Lockhart Soulful Paintings
"Fun life" will happen soon!  Frederick Festival of Arts (not to be missed) and Westminster's Art in the Park are this weekend.  Friends Dia Daniels and Bette Brody will have art tents in Westminster on Saturday.  We still have lots to do in the basement but we also have lots of memories to make in Frederick before we move!

Monday, March 23, 2015

My Zentangle Life!

Thank goodness for Zentangle!

There has been a LOT of activity around here - some of it was actually tangling!  Thank goodness! That is what has been keeping me sane in this crazy life that includes purging, packing, eventually putting house on  market, and moving to new digs. . .can you say "stress?"  Chaos?  That is just one of the blessings Zentangle is in my life.  Stealing the quiet time to do it is a challenge but tangling is better than Prozac for me!!!

I taught a great class last Saturday, March 14, at The ArtistAngle Art Gallery in Frederick, MD.  We had 10 students taking the "Zentangle Intensive" class.  It started with a 2.5 hour "Intro" and then we did a 2.5 hour "Next Step" class after lunch.  Wow!  Just look at the work from this class!

We packed a lot of info and tangles into the first class and tiles:

First tile "Intro to Zentangle" class

Second tile "Intro to Zentangle"
Our lunch choices were to order in from Black Hog BBQ  or go out on their own in Frederick (which is a foodie destination, for sure!).  Since the lunch break was from 12:30 - 2, there was plenty of time to do either.  Most of us wanted BLACK HOG!

The second half of this intensive class included "Next Step in Zentangle" and beyond.  It started with a meditation tile adapted from a recent meditation posted by Holly Atwater, CZT, on her blog  "ha! designs."  I recognized the tangle from almost the first line (Nippa, one of my favorites) so I took great liberties with my presentantion and realized I could make just a few changes and reinforce the "drawing under" technique and illustrate weaving lines.  Thank you, Holly, for a great meditation!   Her voice is so soothing and suited to the meditation technique (better than mine, for sure).  But look at what the class did with it! ! !

Class meditation tile - no visuals except on shading/defining orbs.

My original tile from Holly's blog.

Basic Nippa on Bijou tile

Next we did a quick Bijou (2" x 2" tile) with visuals to learn the basic Nippa tangle.  Nothing "basic" about it!

What keen students!  Very adventuresome and confident group.  The large tile was the one I used to demo the tangle.

The next tile was a real joy!  Cosmo tangle by Sonya Yencer, CZT.  Cosmo is a wonderful tangle for reinforcing "drawing under!"  Thank you, Sonya, for the great tangle and all your help!  Sonya co-authored (with Cris Letourneau, CZT)  Pattern Play: a Zentangle Creativity Boost (Volume 1), one of my favorite tangle books that I recommend to my students.

Cosmo tangle by Sonya Yencer on round tile.  The second bottom left is my demo tile that I just started a couple embellishments on (aura and dashed lines). The students took them home to continue to tangle on.  

Last but not least!

We did OWLS!  This ZIA (Zentangle Inspired Art) was based closely on a class I took several years ago with Suzanne McNeill, CZT, at Art and Soul in Hampton, VA.  We did owls on a 5 x 7 card in her class.  
My sweet owl done in Suzanne O'Neill's class at Art & Soul

How cute are these owls (and owlettes) on round tiles that we did in the "Zentangle Intensive"  class last Saturday?

Monday, February 16, 2015

Tangle meditation with Holly @ Ha! Designs

Holly Atwater, CZT (15), sent out a meditation challenge from her blog to complete on a Bijou tile (2" x 2") and to share back.  This was a wonderful way to start this vacation day. . .at 4:30 A.M.! Thanks, Holly!  Well done!  Looking forward to the next one.

Here's my tile:
Tripoli Meditation Tile
Holly Atwater

Tuesday, February 3, 2015


January 31 was an awesome day. . .I LOVE teaching Zentangle®!

I'm going to let the photos tell the day. . .I taught 2 classes Saturday (1/31/15).  Another "Into to Zentangle" class was first, from 10 A.M. - 12:15 P.M.  Six students, two of them very new to the method.

All but one student stayed for the second class - "Next Step 103"(2 - 4:30 P.M.) - and two others joined them for a total of 7.  My good friend, artist Bette Brody (her Etsy site is here), spent the day with us, too.  She was my photographer/helper, and was also able to do a tile or two with us.  I can get used to having an assistant!  She's the BEST!

Main tiles from first class: "Intro to Zentangle."

Rare opportunity to have two students that are REAL NEWBIES to Zentangle.  The top three tiles were Gladden's, a dear friend and local artist.  The bottom three were Molly's  -  one of the two 12 yr. old girls in the class.
Anything is possible, one stroke at a time !

Grace and Molly (both 12 yrs. old) were great additions to the class.  Grace is quite accomplished as a Tangler already.
This was Molly's first experience with Zentangle.  Both girls stuck with it ALL DAY and did very nice work.

The right two photos above show the newest and best of my new teaching tools - a document camera with a TV as a projector.
So much better than standing at an easel for 6 hours!

Grace (12 yrs.) has a beautiful hand at Zentangle.  She's been doing it for some time.  Her work and focus were amazing!
There is no limit!

Here is pictured another new tool that was put into use for the first time in a class. It is a large pen holder for Micron pens (also has an adaptor for Sharpies) for arthritic hands or for those that just like a larger pen.  Easy to hold.  There were two tanglers in this class using the holders that hubby, Steve, turned from beautiful acrylics and exotic woods.  I use them, too!  It helps me to hold the pen with a lighter touch and with no cramping. Steve has made several for me.  The lids aren't tight enough to leave the pen in the holder for days without them drying out but taking them out after each session and recapping with the original cap on the pen is quick and easy and solves that issue.

Tanglers always look so "serious."  They ARE having fun but in a very focused, deliberate way!  I do all the talking and they do beautiful tangles!  Most of the ladies spent the day, going through both classes.  Jeanne Booth and Barby Reilly, CZT, joined us for the second class,  "Next Step 103".  Jeanne and I met through our other art outlet - beads!  Jeanne is a talented lampwork bead maker.  Jeanne has also been tangling on her own, doing beautiful work.  She attended one of my first double classes in Nov. '14.   I met Barby in Providence, RI, in June, '14, while taking the 4 day intensive courses to become Certified Zentangle Teachers.  She is teaching in the Gaithersburg area.  Who you don't see pictured in these photos is my good friend, Bette Brody, who is behind the camera!

The first tile in the second class was all about the grid.  WOW!

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, we did several projects involving hearts.  The top was learning to draw ruflz.  This was probably the most difficult tangle we tackled in the "Next Step" class.  I think the students' very different styles and adaptations reflect one motto of Zentangle - There are NO mistakes!  All are lovely!

The second little striped heart idea I saw on FaceBook in a journal piece by Chris Titus, CZT.   I saw it last week and quickly added it to the mix to help illustrate "sparkle" and "shading."  So sweet!  I just found out that Chris and Jenny Perruzzi, CZT, are the creators of  the FaceBook group, Square One: Purely Zentangle!  I recommend this page to my students along with and  The Big Three!

All of today's tanglers got blank cards with heart cutouts to tangle inside or to put a tile in. Makes a pretty valentine!

Teaching Mooka from the very basic tangle and then morphing it to a  ZIA  (Zentangle Inspired Art) based on an adaptation of Mooka presented by Helen Williams on her blog, a little lime.  Her work is sublime and she has published several e-books and videos that share her very special, delicate and beautiful techniques!

Our ZIA  tile using  tangles learned in this face paced, more advanced class.  I am always amazed at the different interpretations of the same tangles.  Aren't they lovely!

While Bette was photographing the last ZIA tile (posted above), we tangled one last tile -- showcasing "Luv-a."   No photos of that tile from the class but here are my tiles from the day with the "Luv-a" tile included (bottom right).  It is great to have actual tiles of my own from the class instead of huge newsprint sheets that go in the trash!

Top three were used to teach the first class - Intro to Zentangle
All the rest were used to teach the second class - "Next Step 103"

Using my new Ipevo IPEVO VZ-1 HD VGA/USB Dual-Mode Document Camera and a TV from home has SET ME FREE!  So happy with this addition to my teaching tools!

Classes all done!  Last shot by hubby with Melissa's phone.  My dear friend Melissa Meman (artist, jewelry designer, blogger) and Bette Brody, the best friend and assistant EVER!  Ready for the cold outside.    Bette (multi talented multi-media artist, book maker, painter, etc., etc.).  I am so blessed to be able to share my life and Zentangle with such a great crew!

What's next?  Hope I can take time from packing to plan another "Next Step" class before we make a move to Louisiana!  Working on Black Tiles!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Zentangle ®

Carol Dee, CZT!  Lovin' it!

WooHoo!  It does help to "wear Bijou" when you are out and about!  Bijou (in Zentangle lingo) is a new size Zentangle tile 2 inches square that is great fun to tangle on.  Combine a nice little tile in a custom, handmade frame and some beautiful beads. . .and a visit to a lovely bead shop in an artsy town. . .Carol Dee, CZT, goes to Virginia!
from top left: 3.5" standard tile, 4.5" Apprentice tile
bottom left: 2" Bijou tile
The standard tile and the Bijou are both 100% cotton, heavy-weight, echru,  fine artist paper. The Apprentice tile is a bright white, smooth paper designed in size and type to be both easier to use and less expensive - for younger users.

Just a little history: last year Keith O'Connor brought his fabulous bead trunk show to Occoquan, VA's, bead store, Off the Beading Path  I am a raging fan of his and his talented wife's hand made beads. Dia Daniels and I headed down there for a fun day and I HAD to wear my first Bijou necklace that featured 4 of his beautiful beads.

It is about an 1 1/2 hour drive from Frederick, MD,  to Occoquan, VA, but more than worth the drive to visit with talented friend, Keith, and I'm always game to check out a new bead store!  A win-win! Occoquan, VA, is a quaint, historic, and picturesque town along the Occoquan River ( Google Map), with lovely boutique shopping, historic buildings and homes, and yummy restaurants.  Add friends AND a beautiful bead store = a FUN DAY.

Three necklaces so far.  They all have a bit of Keith (and Laurie) in each one.  I'm a real fan of the little spiral shell bead!

See more of Keith's beautiful beads on his Facebook photo page - eye candy, for sure!  Off the Beading Path carries a great inventory of Keith's beads and will be hosting him and his trunk show again on January 27, 2015.

Denise, the owner/operator of Off the Beading Path, invited me to give a Zentangle class there.  Last Saturday, artist, friend and wonderful helper, Bette Brody, and I went on an adventure to Occoquan. New document camera in tow, new venue - pretty exciting for me!


Intro class - First Tile

Intro class - second tile

Last "tile" (7th project) was a Snowflake Card.  Wish I had more photos!  Just got Bette's and Mine.  They were awesome!

Will post more of the tiles produced on my Carol DeeZigns Facebook photo page.

New classes coming up Jan. 31, 2015, in Frederick, MD.  An "Intro to Zentangle" class and a brand new Next Step 103 class with all new tangles and new ZIA explorations with focus on Valentine Hearts!  More info:, subject line Zentangle Classes.