Thursday, June 18, 2015

Beads and Zentangle! Happy Mix!

Keith O'Connor Trunk Show!

How awesome is this?  Not only a quick visit from Keith as he travels to and fro with his Spring Trunk Show but he is going to unload the show HERE in Frederick, MD, just for you and me! Yesterday he was in New York, today in Virginia (Off the Beading Path, Occoquan, VA) and tomorrow at my house!  MY HOUSE!  Friday, 6/19, 2-7 P.M., I'm going to have an exclusive bead show at my house!  Come See!

Some of my Zentangle necklaces mixing it up with some O'Connor beads!  Highlighted beads are Keith's!

Jewelry designs from Lorelei Eurto using Keith's beads along with other well known bead makers.  Keith's are in each one of these photos!

 More photos after the fact!  Let me know on Facebook if you'd like to come!

Carol Dee, CZT
Carol DeeZigns

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