Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Zentangle ®

Carol Dee, CZT!  Lovin' it!

WooHoo!  It does help to "wear Bijou" when you are out and about!  Bijou (in Zentangle lingo) is a new size Zentangle tile 2 inches square that is great fun to tangle on.  Combine a nice little tile in a custom, handmade frame and some beautiful beads. . .and a visit to a lovely bead shop in an artsy town. . .Carol Dee, CZT, goes to Virginia!
from top left: 3.5" standard tile, 4.5" Apprentice tile
bottom left: 2" Bijou tile
The standard tile and the Bijou are both 100% cotton, heavy-weight, echru,  fine artist paper. The Apprentice tile is a bright white, smooth paper designed in size and type to be both easier to use and less expensive - for younger users.

Just a little history: last year Keith O'Connor brought his fabulous bead trunk show to Occoquan, VA's, bead store, Off the Beading Path  I am a raging fan of his and his talented wife's hand made beads. Dia Daniels and I headed down there for a fun day and I HAD to wear my first Bijou necklace that featured 4 of his beautiful beads.

It is about an 1 1/2 hour drive from Frederick, MD,  to Occoquan, VA, but more than worth the drive to visit with talented friend, Keith, and I'm always game to check out a new bead store!  A win-win! Occoquan, VA, is a quaint, historic, and picturesque town along the Occoquan River ( Google Map), with lovely boutique shopping, historic buildings and homes, and yummy restaurants.  Add friends AND a beautiful bead store = a FUN DAY.

Three necklaces so far.  They all have a bit of Keith (and Laurie) in each one.  I'm a real fan of the little spiral shell bead!

See more of Keith's beautiful beads on his Facebook photo page - eye candy, for sure!  Off the Beading Path carries a great inventory of Keith's beads and will be hosting him and his trunk show again on January 27, 2015.

Denise, the owner/operator of Off the Beading Path, invited me to give a Zentangle class there.  Last Saturday, artist, friend and wonderful helper, Bette Brody, and I went on an adventure to Occoquan. New document camera in tow, new venue - pretty exciting for me!


Intro class - First Tile

Intro class - second tile

Last "tile" (7th project) was a Snowflake Card.  Wish I had more photos!  Just got Bette's and Mine.  They were awesome!

Will post more of the tiles produced on my Carol DeeZigns Facebook photo page.

New classes coming up Jan. 31, 2015, in Frederick, MD.  An "Intro to Zentangle" class and a brand new Next Step 103 class with all new tangles and new ZIA explorations with focus on Valentine Hearts!  More info:, subject line Zentangle Classes.



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    1. Thanks, friend! You were a great companion for the day!!!

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