Sunday, December 28, 2014

Happy New Year!  Zentangle® ahead!

Last year was awesome!  Zentangled and enameled!  But now we're looking forward.

January brings Zentangle classes in Occoquan, VA, on Jan. 10, 2015.  This class is sponsered by a beautiful bead shop, Off the Beading Path, and is being held at the local community center.  For more info and to book this class, you can check out my class on their calendar:  Off The Beading Path, Carol Dee teaches Zentangle,  This will be a 5 hour class that will cover "Intro" and "Next Step" classes!  And the town of Occoquan is a lovely destination with a picturesque main street, tasty restaurants and fun boutique shopping.

The next Zentangle event here in Frederick, MD, will be on January 31 at The Business Factory of Frederick.  From 10 A.M. to 12:15 is an "Intro to Zentangle" class.  Later that day, from 2:00 to 4:15, is a brand new class - "Next Step 103."  As with previous "Next Step" classes, the only requirements are that the student has taken the "Intro" class and will use their own supplies (.01 black micron, pencil, and tortillion). As always, I have the paper!  The "Next Step" classes will introduce new tangles and work on techniques such as shading and string development.  We will introduce some color this time and do some experiments with Valentine Motifs.  After all, Valentine's day is coming up soon!  These classes will be booked by The Business Factory of Frederick.  More info on this class coming.

On Feb. 28, 2015, Carol DeeZigns will be demonstrating Zentangle at the second STEAM Ahead Event held at The Business Factory of Frederick.  STEAM's (Scence, Techology, Engineering, Art and Music) first event last month hosted over 200 families!  Make your reservations and get free tickets to the event here:

Families trying out different activities from Zentangle, Musical Instruments, to 3-D printing plus much more!

Zentangle booth covered up all day with youngsters and their parents.

After that. . .who knows.  Planning on a move and a change. . .more on that soon, too!

Happy New Year!

We are turning STEM into STEAM (Science, 

Technology, Engineering, Art, and Music) to promote both innovation and creativity to young people and the young at heart. 


  1. I feel very blessed that I was your student at the onset of Zentangle. I may not have learned it all but came away with a very good feeling of the basics. Your classes look like they incorporate lots of fun with all involved. Good luck with your future, the move and the change!

    1. I feel very blessed that you are in my life! Thanks for visiting the blog, your kind words, and your faithful support! Happy New Year! <3


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