Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Putting the Torch-Fired Enamel Hat on. . .or is it a NECKLACE?

Keeping my head on straight and wearing the appropriate hat these days is a real challenge!  Just getting thru the week making all of my appointments, meetings, luncheons, etc., has never been so hectic! But the last few days it has been hectic-fun with bells on!  Delighted with this new news. . .  Barbara Lewis' latest book Mastering Torch-Fired Enamel Jewelry has hit the shelves (and mailboxes) and I can turn to page 138 and see "my" necklace!

My journey in torch fired enameling has been going on for quite some time.  Jewlery-technique-class-junkie that I am, I have taken several classes over the years that have included brief forays into different torch firing techniques but NOTHING as intense and fullfilling as when I tasted Painting With Fire, Torch Fired Enameling, with Barbara Lewis!  I fell HARD and FAST and couldn't get enough!

I've taken classes with Barbara, read her 1st book several times, watched her videos, tutorials and finally took her certification to teach class (I was one of her first two teachers in this method). It has been a great trip!

November 6, 2014, I will be at Art Retreat at the Prairie in Roundtop, TX, with Barbara taking the certification again. I was going there anyway and I know that there will be new techniques and more fun added to the curriculum.  Maybe I can lend a hand, too!

I enameled over 80 beads in an analogous group from light sage green to dark blue, using various base coats and then various translucent coats. That gave me a lot to choose from for my jewlery submission for the new book.  Only 12 beads and one focal made the cut.  For those enamelists wanting more info on the colors, you can read my blog post from April.
What was left after the jewlery was done?

Drumroll, please!

The earings and bracelet didn't make the cut for the book but I'm thrilled the necklace was included!!!


On page 138!

Thank you, Barbara, for the wonderful opportunity to be part of this lovely book and to be one of the   jewelry artists that you chose to represent the colorwheel in the book.  My hat is off!
I hope this book exceeds the awesome record of the first one,  Torch-fired Enamel Jewelry
After all, it was Amazon's 2011 Craftbook of the year!  This new book has all the makings to repeat that and beyond!  God bless!

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  1. Carol, I'm loving it. Looking fab, keep it up :) Hannah ( fellow CZT #15)

    1. Thanks for coming to the book launch party, Hannah! It's a blessing to have another "art family" to share an arty passion with!

      Carol Dee, CZT

  2. Congratulations, Carol!!! Your work is beautiful and your energy endless:O)

    1. Thank you, dear friend! Your words are kind and encouraging but my energy is flagging these days! ;) I'm not a spring chicken anymore!


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