Tuesday, July 22, 2014

ZENTANGLE® or Carol Dee, CZT!®

This summer has really ushered in some serious movin' and shakin' for this gal!  And more excitement is on the way!  Enameling, traveling, weddings, selling house and moving (that may not be the fun part).  Some GREAT FUN was the 4 day love fest in Providence, RI, where 108 students (I'm one) from ALL OVER THE WORLD came together to become teachers. . .Certified Zentangle Teachers (CZT).  WooHoo!
Me: back row, right, in shade with shades.
We had beautiful weather but wouldn't have known it but for the lovely terrace where we had all our meals (and a few late night parties).

What an awesome, lovely and lively, fun group!!!  I think EVERYONE was happy!  But after all, we were in a state of ZENtangle!   

Here is a photo of work done at the seminar (CZT 15) and since.  I even took a Zentangle project along on the latest trip to Maine.

Latest tanglings

Fabulous new friends:
Barb, me, Candy, Marty
Pat, Susan

The Providence Hotel, Providence, RI, was so lovely and the food and service was awesome.  We spent many pleasant and often joy filled hours in the classroom.  We also spent evenings (after evening learning break outs)  on the terrace getting to know each other better over wine and giggles!  Bless the three boys that were in this group.  They definitely didn't become one of the girls but added just the right manly touch to the group.

I'm  too tired from all the excitement over the last month to do the event  blog-justice (it WAS BUCKET LIST material).    Too tired to think of any more words to write so will just post a few more photos.

Mentors/Teachers/Zentangle Creators Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts.  Genuine!

Rick and Maria present John (one of 3 male teacher/students) with a prize. . .a collaborative Zentangle work.  All of us tangled a small portion to make this lovely art piece!

Guest speaker, Laura Harms, "I Am the Diva!"

My diploma.  (Taking a bow)

Steve and I will be changing tracks and trains again as we ready this house for the market and prepare for a move.  I see a lot of calming Zentangle in my future!

Special thanks to Rick and Maria, Molly, Martha and the whole crew.  It was a blessed bucket list event!

Carol Dee, CZT!


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